Photo: MAN

MAN ES prepares existing ship engines for climate-neutral op

MAN PrimeServ, part of German engine manufacturer MAN Energy Solutions, has started offering a service of preparing older engines for future, climate-neutral operation.

Courtesy of MAN ES

Shipowners will have the opportunity to retrofit older MAN 48/60 marine and power-plant engines to MAN 51/60 types as part of the new ‘lifecycle upgrade’ offering.

According to MAN ES, converted engines will effectively be equivalent technically to newly built MAN 51/60 units and, as a result, achieve significant savings in fuel consumption, CO2 and pollutant emissions.

As a further option, newly converted engines can be upgraded for operation on synthetic fuels for a low premium.

“With this lifecycle upgrade, we offer customers the opportunity not only to completely overhaul their old engines but also to upgrade them to the latest engine technology at the same time. The upgrade simultaneously prepares the engines for future operation with climate-neutral fuels without having to change the fuel type they use at this stage. This is because the 51/60 engine type enables further conversion to alternative fuels, making it a future-proof investment,” Stefan Eefting, Senior Vice President and Head of MAN PrimeServ Germany, said.

MAN 48/60 engine types (variant A or B) already in operation, and which have more than 80,000 operating hours, are particularly suitable for a lifecycle upgrade.

Post-upgrade, the engine becomes as reliable as a new MAN 51/60 engine, while future conversion to dual-fuel operation is straightforward as 80% of all necessary adjustments are already performed during the lifecycle upgrade, according to MAN ES.