Marine Renewables Canada ties up with Business Network for Offshore Wind

Marine Renewables Canada and the Business Network for Offshore Wind have partnered to share knowledge and support offshore wind developments.

Specifically, the agreement aims to increase collaboration to benefit industry in Canada and the United States.

It demonstrates the commitment to ensuring Canadian and US industry and suppliers receive increased support to engage in offshore wind.

Offshore wind in the US is a fast-growing market, presenting new economic opportunities and a clean energy resource.

While Canada does not have active offshore wind development yet, many suppliers have decades of experience from working in related marine and offshore industries that could contribute to helping the US meet its offshore wind goals.

Elisa Obermann, executive director of Marine Renewables Canada, said:

“Marine Renewables Canada has been pursuing domestic and international opportunities in offshore wind for several years.

“This is an important step for us to support our members in engaging more in US offshore wind development.

“We will also benefit from this closer relationship with the Business Network for Offshore Wind as we continue to encourage future development of offshore wind in Canada.”

The CEO and president of the Business Network for Offshore Wind, Liz Burdock, also said:

“Offshore wind is a growing industry vital to the growth of a blue economy.

“We look forward to working closely with Marine Renewables Canada cultivate to cultivate the opportunities in the US and Canada.

“By working together, we can help industry collaborate on key issues, build partnerships, and share information that will support advancement of the industry.”