MARINTEK to Celebrate 75th Anniversary

This year, the Norwegian Marine Technology Research Institute (MARINTEK) will celebrate the 75th anniversary of its Ship Model Tank.

MARINTEK to Celebrate 75th Anniversary

The Ship Model Tank was officially opened on September the 1st 1939, in Tyholt, Trondheim after many years of planning and implementation. The planning work began already in 1913 when a group of visionaries led by NTH Professor Hans R. Mørch (1883-1946) took the initiative to build a ship model tank.

Although draft plans for a Ship Model Tank were ready after two years of work, it took more than 26 years to complete planning, financing and construction of the original towing tank. The facility was later extended to allow for advanced R&D work for demanding customers in a global market.

In the wake of the establishment of Ship Model Tank, a significant and well recognized research community has developed at Tyholt through MARINTEK and Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) Department of Marine Technology, with leading laboratories in many fields of research.

It is natural, therefore, that the 75-years anniversary for the Ship Model Tank is jointly arranged by NTNU and MARINTEK.




Press Release, January 13, 2014

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