MCG launches Maximus 2D survey offshore Mexico

MultiClient Geophysical, an international marine seismic data provider, has announced that its vessel has arrived in Mexico and started the acquisition on its 2D Multi-Client campaign offshore Mexico.

According to MCG, the program named “Maximus” comprises 31,600 km of seismic lines covering 1, 2, 3 and 4th round blocks in the Campeche Deep Basin, in addition to a regional grid over the Yucatan Shelf and deep water.

“This will place MCG in a good position towards the future announced license rounds in addition to provide the oil companies with a dataset for a regional evaluation,” MCG has said in the press release.

MCG noted that the program has been developed in close cooperation with the oil industry. The company added that fast track data will be made available prior to the first license round.

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