MCS unveils MiniSpector ROV

MCS has launched a mini remotely operated vehicle (ROV), MiniSpector, with the aim of reducing cost in subsea inspection and 3D metrology for the energy industry.

MiniSpector (Courtesy of MCS)

As described by the company, the MiniSpector reduces the reliance on additional vessels and equipment since it launches from a platform.

Some of the tasks the MiniSpector can deliver are HD General Visual Inspection (GVI) and Close Video Inspection (CVI), spool metrology, platform approaches and riser installation.

It also features seven horizontal and vertical thrusters to provide full control, increased vehicle manoeuvrability, stability, and payload capabilities to withstand higher currents, the company added.

The MiniSpector has been designed to be easily carried and deployed and contains built-in 3D Photo Realistic Cloud (PRC) technology for precise 3D measurement. The PRC system is another key product in the MCS portfolio of technology“, said Wael Bakr, CEO of MCS.

“The system provides measurements subsea, up to fabrication accuracy, which makes the MiniSpector an ideal and accurate subsea metrology drone to improve overall project efficiency, duration and quality particularly in deepwater measurements”.