MEO Australia Executes Contract to Purchase Zeus 3D Marine Seismic Survey in WA-361-P


MEO Australia Limited advises that a contract has been executed with Fugro Multi Client Services Pty Ltd for the acquisition and processing of a 323 km2 3D multi-client seismic survey (‘Zeus 3D survey’) in WA-361-P, in the Carnarvon Basin, offshore Western Australia.

WA-361-P is located in close proximity to the existing North West Shelf Gas Project (16.3 Mtpa), the Pluto LNG project (4.3 Mtpa) under construction and the proposed Wheatstone LNG project (8.6 Mtpa).

The 3D survey is designed to enable improved mapping of Heracles and other leads which are potential candidates for drilling in 2014. The survey covers an area of poor seismic data quality and also fills some large gaps in the 3D seismic coverage for this area. In addition, the 3D survey is being acquired in an East – West direction which enables enhanced imaging via multi-azimuth reprocessing.

The 3D survey over WA-361-P is part of a 1,318 km2 multi-client survey to be acquired utilising the ‘M/V Seisquest’ commencing on or about 1st September. The survey will take approximately 7 weeks depending on weather and possible extensions to the planned program. The final processed volume is expected to be delivered during Q2-2012.

Source: MEO Australia, August 31, 2011;