Met Office Launches New Virtual Mast

The Met Office has launched a new version of its Virtual Met Mast which provides revised wind statistics at higher levels of confidence.

Designed to help large and smaller scale wind farm developers and wind farm consultants select the best onshore and offshore wind farm sites throughout Europe.

It uses advanced downscaling processes to produce accurate, long-term, site and hub height specific wind climatologies.

Michelle Spillar, Head of Renewables at the Met Office said: “The wind energy industry in Europe is facing an ever-increasing number of challenges when it comes to developing energy profitably and at a cost which is competitive to other energy sectors.

“The improved Virtual Met Mast™ is a solution that can be used with confidence to estimate long term average wind speeds for new sites as well as providing a reliable long term reference for correlation – all this helps ensure renewable wind projects are on a trajectory for success and can be progressed and developed with confidence.”

Image: metoffice
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