Metacon unifies its brand platform to boost market visibility

Helbio, a wholly-owned Greek subsidiary of the Swedish manufacturer of energy systems for green hydrogen production Metacon AB, is changing its name to Metacon S.A., along with integrating the company’s operations into Metacon AB’s IT, branding and financial platform, thus consolidating Metacon as an international group under the same brand.

Illustration only; Courtesy of Metacon

With the latest changes in branding, Metacon said the company is aiming to enhance visibility in the market and foster a stronger sense of unity across the entire organization and in Metacon’s existing and future endeavours.

“With the renaming of Helbio to Metacon, we now have a unified brand platform for the entire company, which will enhance visibility in the market and make it easier to focus our resources on the marketing of our products,” Christer Wikner, President and CEO of Metacon, stated.

According to Metacon, Helbio, its wholly-owned subsidiary since 2021, possesses the expertise, patents and other intellectual property rights in the field of catalytic steam reforming for hydrogen production from various fossil-free substances and gases such as biogas (bio-methane), ethanol and ammonia.

To remind, just recently, Metacon, through Helbio, got an approved CE marking of its hydrogen generator HHG 50 for the production of circa 50 Nm3 of hydrogen per hour.

At the time, Metacon said the CE mark proves and ensures that the company’s technology and design comply with EU product safety requirements, meaning that with the application of the corresponding design and execution, Metacon will be able to obtain corresponding certifications for its other product families that are under development.