MHI Vestas Employing 70 at UK Blade Factory

MHI Vestas has announced 70 new jobs created in the Solent Region as the company is increasing production staff at its blade production facility on the Isle of Wight.

Economic impact of MHI Vestas’ Blade Production facility in the last 12 months has been £135 million of economic output to the UK economy, supporting over 380 direct and indirect jobs, and generating significant value for the local Isle of Wight economy through salaries and spending, according to a Bilfinger GVA economic impact assessment.

“There are three key areas of value that we bring to the UK, namely competition, innovation and skills, which will continue to bring direct benefits in terms of cost reductions, jobs and investment in the UK,” said Jens Tommerup, CEO at MHI Vestas Offshore wind. “This truly is a win-win-win scenario. A win for UK jobs. A win for UK industry. A win for cost competitive, secure, low carbon power generation in the United Kingdom.”

“We look forward to the, hopefully imminent, announcement of the 2016/17 CFD auction which will enable us to continue to bring value to the UK as ever more cost competitive projects are built out from the early 2020s,” Tommerup added.

MHI Vestas added that it remains firmly on track to, once fully triggered and implemented, deliver up to 800 jobs and £200 million of investment in the UK as part of a broader Industrial Strategy.