Minesto adds ‘commercialization’ duo to its board

Jonas Millqvist and Minesto’s tidal kite (Photos: Minesto)

Swedish developer Minesto has appointed Javier Sanz, and Jonas Millqvist, as the new member on its board whose focus will be on reinforcing project finance capabilities and commercialization of the company’s tidal energy technology.

Javier Sanz is a CTO of Renewable Energies at InnoEnergy – a European investor in renewable energy with over €170 million already invested in innovation projects in the energy sector.

Jonas Millqvist and Minesto's tidal kite (Photos: Minesto)

Sanz’ focus will be on commercialization of Minesto’s technology by means of reducing risks, enhancing the business case and shortening the time to market, the company informed.

Jonas Millqvist, a Senior Underwriter at Denmark’s Export Credit Agency, has also joined tidal developer’s board. According to Minesto – Milqvist will use his background and global network to support the company’s activities in securing project finance for the development of marine energy sites based on Minesto’s Deep Green technology.

Bengt Adolfsson, Chairman and main owner of Minesto, said: “Minesto faces an exciting time in the development and commercial roll-out of its unique Deep Green technology. With the newly elected board members we add to the board’s capabilities in key areas such as project finance and technology commercialization, as well as enhancing our network of partners within the EU and the energy sector.”

To remind, Minesto is currently installing its 500kW utility-scale Deep Green device off Wales in a staged operation. The second offshore installation phase has been completed late in May 2018.