Minesto eyes load cells for tidal kite

Minesto is looking for a supplier of load cells that will be used for its Deep Green tidal power plant.

Swedish tidal energy developer will use the load cells to measure tether and struts force on its 500kW tidal power plant planned for deployment off Wales.

The load cells will be placed in the top joint, which connects the tether and the wing via the struts.

Designed as load pins, the load cells will measure the forces and the information will be sent to the kite’s control system, Minesto said.

The tender is open until January 30, with the expected award date set for February 20, 2017.

Minesto is making progress with the development of Deep Green tidal plant, set for deployment later this year, having recently procured the most distinctive part of its system – the wing, along with other subsystem acquired earlier, including tether rope, fairing, micro grid system (MGS) buoy, and rear nacelle.

More recently, Minesto hired Welsh companies Holyhead Towing, and Turbine Transfers, to develop the launch and recovery (LARS) system for the tidal power plant.

The Deep Green power plant will be developed in phases, with the installation of the 500kW tidal power plant off Angelsey as part of the first phase, leading to additional deployments in what will eventually become an array with a total capacity of 10MW.

The plant is expected to power around 8,000 Welsh households.

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