Minesto gets its wings (Gallery)

Swedish tidal energy developer Minesto has taken delivery of the most distinguished part of its Deep Green ocean energy concept – the wing.

The wing was delivered to Minesto’s team in Holyhead, Wales, by truck from Southampton, where it has been manufactured by Green Marine.

The commercial-scale wing measures 12 meters between the wingtips and 3.3 meters across the center chord, called the wing depth.

It is made from composite material, with inner beams in carbon fiber and an outer shell in fiberglass, with the total weight of approximately 3 tons.

The interior is filled with a foam with room for cabling, dry ballast and an adjustable dynamic buoyancy system, while on the outside, the wing is fitted with sensors which, among other things, measure water flow velocity, kite speed and depth.

In the manufacturing process of the wing, Green Marine, best known for building custom racing yachts, was assisted by Gurit, a global supplier of composite materials and engineering services. Green Marine also conducted factory acceptance test prior to the delivery.

Among others, a fitting test was done with a nacelle dummy frame which has the same interface as the commercial-scale Deep Green nacelle, Minesto said.

In parallel with the wing delivery, static and fatigue load tests have also been performed on wing sections.

All tests have been successful with results in accordance with calculations, according to Minesto who is continuing with the assembly of various parts and joints for the system that will continue during the autumn.

The hydrodynamic shape and properties of the wing design are the result of several years of technology development and simulations combined with scale model testing at Minesto’s test site in Strangford Lough, Northern Ireland, Minesto noted.

To remind, Minesto decided to delay the installation of the 500kW tidal from fall 2017 to unspecified date in 2018 as the company hired a new supplier for the plant’s foundation system.

(Photos by Minesto)