Photo: Foundation loadout for Minesto’s tidal energy kite (Courtesy of Minesto)

Minesto installs offshore infrastructure to double tidal energy production capacity

Swedish company Minesto has completed additional offshore infrastructure installation in Faroe Islands to double electricity production from two Dragon 4 tidal energy devices.

Foundation loadout for Minesto’s tidal energy kite (Courtesy of Minesto)
Foundation loadout for Minesto’s tidal energy kite (Courtesy of Minesto)

A second foundation, subsea cable and onshore interface have been installed, and the subsea infrastructure is now ready for a second kite installation and electricity production, Minesto informed.

The devices, rated at 100kW, will form an array set-up in Faroe Island’s Vestmannasund.

The installations have been carried out with small vessels together with experienced partners to further reduce costs of installation and marine operations for large-scale build-out.

The seasonal operating window for infrastructure installation has also been extended by conducting these operations in winter, the company noted.

Martin Edlund, CEO of Minesto, said: “By doubling production capacity, we significantly increase the value of the Vestmanna site. We can show-case our technology to a greater extent as we generate more production data, optimize features in an array configuration, and of course, deliver more electricity to grid as committed to our utility partner SEV.”

Early in summer 2022, Minesto deployed the first 100kW Dragon Class unit in Faroe Islands, after which it started to commission the second tidal plant in September 2022.

Since, Minesto’s second Dragon 4 unit delivered a record-breaking results in terms of total electricity generated, peak performance, and energy conversion at large.

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