Minesto to Develop Smaller Deep Green Device

Minesto has announced plans to develop a smaller Deep Green device, the DG100.

The DG100 unit will open new markets and business opportunities for the company, including those in Asia.

Minesto said the move to enhance the company’s product range had arisen from the significant customer demand for smaller-scale autonomously operated Deep Green systems in so called Island Mode.

Island Mode installations can be used across a wide spectrum of applications from remote industries to entire communities that do not have access to centrally distributed electricity either today or in the future.

The smaller Deep Green DG100 unit will have a rated power of up to 100kW and a 4–5-meter wing span.

Based on a new internal analysis of university and marine research studies, Minesto estimates that the identified exploitable potential of the company’s product exceeds 600 GW installed capacity, which is three times higher than previous assessments.

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