Minesto's tidal energy kite Dragon 12 undergoing service and inspection

Minesto’s utility-scale kite undergoes first inspection after grid-connected operation

Minesto’s utility-scale tidal energy kite, Dragon 12, is undergoing service and inspection, following the four months of grid-connected operation in Vestmanna, Faroe Islands.

Source: Minesto

The Dragon 12 was recovered on June 6, for its first onshore inspection and maintenance. All systems and components will be checked. The Dragon 12 will be reinstalled once these activities are completed, said Minesto.

One Dragon 4 unit has been installed since March with a few hardware upgrades. The second Dragon 4 is currently in Minesto’s Gothenburg workshop receiving the same upgrades.

According to Minesto, the installed power plants contribute to progress in environmental monitoring, which is valuable for the next phase of development in Hestfjord. This monitoring includes sound measurements, bird studies, and whale monitoring.

“Our testing and demonstration in Vestmanna will continue with highest priority. We have hosted three study visits from commercial partners and stakeholders recently and have more planned,” said Martin Edlund, CEO of Minesto.

“Next week, we welcome the EU Commission Director General MARE (Maritime Affairs and Fisheries) and the CEO of Ocean Energy Europe to the site. This is yet another example of the value of having a commercial-scale system in operation.”

The 1.2 MW Dragon 12 delivered as expected in the first three months of operations, and the data being generated underlines the commercial readiness of Dragon Class systems, the Swedish company said back in May 2024.

In early February, the Dragon 12 was installed and commissioned at the Vestmanna site in the Faroe Islands. This has led to a continuous and trouble-free three-month period of testing and electricity production. 

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