Mojo’s Mermaid takes on marine ops technical breakdowns

Mojo Maritime’s planning and risk optimisation system called Mermaid now addresses technical breakdowns on marine operations.

According to Mojo Maritime, Mermaid allows users to realistically simulate marine operations to uncover the risks and identify critical operations prior to going offshore.

Furthermore, the software now allows the modeling of the breakdown of critical components and their repair process, in a predictable and deterministic way, Mojo states.

When a breakdown occurs, Mermaid’s modelling capabilities allow for a realistic repair scenario, for example when repairs require a return to port, Mermaid harnesses its geographic awareness to automatically schedule the transits, or where repairs is a complex operation requiring certain weather limits to be met, Mermaid utilises its metocean awareness to ensure that the repair can be completed, and so on.

Mojo Maritime, part of James Fisher and Sons, specialises in project management, engineering and consultancy services for the marine renewable energy industry.

In addition to the services to the marine renewable energy industry, Mojo Maritime develops a range of products geared towards reducing the inherent risks and costs of working offshore.

Image: Mojo Maritime