Bilfinger UK to increase headcount

More jobs to be created as Bilfinger UK launches new fabrication facility

Engineering and maintenance contractor Bilfinger UK has expanded its presence in the North East region through the opening of a new fabrication facility, spurring further headcount increase. The new facility will support the building of – what the company claims to be – the UK’s largest low carbon energy project in a bid to contribute to the country’s net-zero ambitions.

Bilfinger UK

Bilfinger UK informed on Thursday that it had opened a new state-of-the-art fabrication facility in Humberside. This expansion is part of the firm’s strategy to grow its operational footprint in the North East.

According to the company, the fabrication facility will also support the construction of the low-carbon energy project at Hinkley Point C in Somerset, which will allow the engineering and maintenance contractor to play its part to help the UK reach net zero.

With an existing 50,000 square ft. facility located in Ellesmere Port, the new 73,400 square ft. facility located in Hull will be an addition to Bilfinger UK’s fabrication portfolio, enabling the business to support their customers from both the East and West coasts of the UK.

Furthermore, the opening of the new facility is set to create over 30 new jobs whilst also providing the infrastructure to support further growth and industrial capability in Humberside, Teesside, and the wider Eastern region.

Moreover, the company explains that this facility will provide pipework fabrication services to Hinkley Point C and other nuclear clients as well as new and existing customers in the markets within which Bilfinger UK operate, including energy, chemical & petrochemical, oil & gas, pharmaceuticals & biopharma, power, and water.

Bilfinger UK further adds that the development of the new facility in Hull comes on the heels of the creation of some 350 new jobs across Britain. These jobs include specialist roles in engineering and manufacturing at the firm’s UK locations in Warrington, Humberside, Bristol and Somerset, boosting UK industrial capacity and manufacturing capability.

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