MV Jumbo Javelin Transports Modules for Petrobras (Brazil)

The MV Jumbo Javelin has recently successfully undertaken a cabotage project in Brazil. The cargo was three modules, up to 400t in weight and each one reaching 17m in height.

Jumbo was contracted to carry out the project by a consortium of two companies, Galvao Engineering and Mendes Junior Oil and Gas Construction, on behalf of Petrobas, who are looking to increase their capacity to export oil and gas from the country.

The voyage involved the collection of the modules from a barge at the port of Rio de Janeiro, followed by transportation to Petrobas’ private terminal TEBIG, in Angra dos Reis, in Rio de Janeiro state.

The client had been concerned with the discharging of the cargo, as the vessel’s mast cranes were required to attend to an outreach of over 30m and position the modules, with a margin of less than 20cm on two sides, into a sunken foundation 2.9m deep. This promised to be made even more challenging by swell. However, Jumbo has a wealth of experience of operating in such conditions and the Jumbo Javelin can lift up to 725t at such an outreach, stabilised by her anti-heeling system, which ensures listing does not, at any point, exceed 1.5 degrees.

The discharging of all three modules was carried out safely and successfully.


September 11, 2013


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