National Grid: CUI Global’s IRIS New Pipeline Monitoring Method

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National Grid: CUI Global's IRIS New Pipeline Monitoring Method

CUI Global, Inc. today announced that National Grid has accepted CUI Global’s proprietary Integrated Remote Information System (IRIS®) Technology as a new method for remotely controlling and monitoring parts of its extensive pipeline transmission system.

National Grid is committed to safety and innovation. National Grid has made significant advancements in monitoring and controlling the quality and properties of the gas entering and transiting its network. As a result, National Grid continually looks for partners who can assist them in pushing the limits of technology and innovation to provide a solution to the problem of quickly and reliably measuring, monitoring and controlling its extensive natural gas pipeline network.

CUI Global’s wholly owned subsidiary, Orbital Gas Systems Ltd., has developed (together with National Grid) a unique range of products, including the IRIS Remote Telemetry Unit (IRIS-RTU) platform. IRIS-RTU features revolutionary, accessible and intuitive browser driven software. This simplicity and ease of use enables seamless integration with versatile input/output modules – allowing this RTU to be used for a range of tasks from the simple to the most demanding and complicated of applications.

IRIS-RTU has been designed from the “ground up” to offer improvements in efficiency, reduce operating costs, enhance stability, augment security and most importantly – ameliorate the interface between sites, control room and operatives at all levels and locations. IRIS-RTU, coupled with a hardware platform from GE’s Intelligent Platforms business, provides a single “one-size-fits-all” solution with all site specific differences being handled by configuration settings and content files.

As explained by National Grid’s Senior Engineer for Network Engineering, Simon Tunstall, “The IRIS Telemetry solution completely satisfies National Grid’s requirement to provide an innovative telemetry system which delivers reliability, system security, a user friendly interface and cost savings. A very detailed and exacting specification was demanded and Orbital exceeded our expectations in designing an RTU using the GE PAC8000 platform that is more advanced than an equivalent ‘off the shelf’ alternative, while being affordable and fit for 21st century applications.”

To date, National Grid has ordered for installation 69 of the IRIS-RTU’s – 42 have been successfully installed and implemented; another 18 are currently being installed; and the final 9 will be installed later this year. Full, system-wide implementation of the technology could result in an additional 300 potential sites.

CUI Global’s president & CEO, William Clough, stated that, “By continuing to associate ourselves and our proprietary technologies with energy providers as respected as National Grid and iconic partners like GE, we continue to prove the viability and value of our technologies.”

“GE’s control platforms deliver improved performance, greater uptime and lower total cost of ownership,” said Bernie Anger, General Manager for GE Intelligent Platforms. “With solutions like IRIS, we are changing what’s possible in the world of industrial automation.”

“We believe that recognition and acceptance by such an industry stalwart as National Grid for the IRIS-RTU and our relationship with GE is further confirmation of the value and effectiveness of IRIS and the entire associated portfolio of CUI Global’s natural gas products,” Clough concluded.


Press Release, May 08, 2014

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