Navantia, Reganosa and Gas Natural Ink LNG Carrier Ship Repair Deal (Spain)

Navantia, Reganosa and Gas Natural Ink LNG Carrier Ship Repair Deal

Navantia, Reganosa and Gas Natural Comercializadora have signed a framework agreement to offer a comprehensive service that completes the repair cycle of gas carrier ships to bring them into operation, guaranteeing an even more attractive and competitive product for the operators of the ships, as well as generating more activity in the Ferrol estuary.

Through this alliance between the three companies, clients will get greater added value and at the same time Ferrol will consolidate its position as a big international centre for the gas sector.

The document was signed in the regasification plant by Miguel Rodríguez Lorenzo, Director of Repairs Fene- Ferrol for Navantia; Emilio Bruquetas Serantes, Director General of Reganosa; and José Nemesio Rodríguez Maneiro, Director of Sales of Gas Natural Comercializadora.

The framework agreement has already entered into effect, although the parties have agreed to have the legal structures in place that will govern relations between the three companies within thirty days.

Navantia has taken on the commitment to offer its clients this comprehensive repair service for gas carrier ships, including inerting, cooling of tanks, supply of the liquefied natural gas (LNG) needed to complete the repair cycle and making the vessel operational, etc., all of which can be done at the regasification plant.

For its part, Gas Natural Comercializadora will guarantee the availability of LNG at stable prices set sufficiently in advance, while Reganosa will provide the tankers with any services they require.

This joint offer is of great interest to companies and the region, given the location of the shipyard and the regasification plant in the same estuary, which in turn is situated at a strategic point on the Atlantic coast, where there is a large volume of marine traffic shipping LNG.

LNG World News Staff, November 27, 2012; Image: Gas Natural Fenosa