New Logo for France Energies Marines

After 8 years of activity, France Energies Marines, now the Institute for Energy Transition approved by the French State, has redesigned its visual identity.

This overhaul aims to mark the new dynamic of the structure whose achievements are now carried by a simplified joint stock company.

The new logo displays a simple, uncluttered and modern style, while making clear reference to the marine dimension which is at the heart of the Institute’s activities. The orange and blue colours have been retained as they symbolise energy, the sea and the wind, France Energies Marines explains.

The movement of the stylised wave reflects the dynamism of the 45 employees of France Energies Marines as well as the support of its members and partners to always move forward and bring recognised know-how on cutting-edge subjects. The typography used is resolutely contemporary, as is the booming offshore renewable energy sector.