New Ocean Accelerator Network Launched

New Ocean Accelerator Network was launched by entities from USA, Norway, Chile and Portugal.

The United Nations Global Compact (UNGC), through its oceans platform, has created an international acceleration network to promote the development of technology solutions that foster the sustainability of the oceans.

This initiative, which will be coordinated by the UNGC, will develop its work during the next 24 months, with the presentation of the first results expected for June 2020.

The founders of the Ocean Accelerator Network are entities that act complementarily in the areas of innovation and technology for sustainability in the oceans: Envisible (USA), Katapult Ocean, (Norway) MIT (USA), Sea Ahead (USA), Startup Chile (Chile) and CEiiA (Portugal).

By the end of 2019, another three entities will be involved: one from Japan, one from Singapore and one from South Africa.

Over the 24 months, this international network aims to foster a collaborative work dynamic involving companies, universities, young entrepreneurs and start-ups around the development and implementation of specific business solutions for the oceans, based on sustainability and compliance of the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Erik Giercksky, responsible for the UN’s Sustainable Ocean Business Platform, said: “The creation of an international network for accelerating innovation is crucial for linking the private sector to the academic world and to the world of entrepreneurs and start-ups, and surely joint efforts will be very positive and positive for a more sustainable ocean, according to the UN Agenda 2030.”