New orders for Seatronics VALOR ROV

Acteon’s marine technology specialists Seatronics has received another order for its VALOR remotely operated vehicle.

Courtesy: Seatronics
Seatronics VALOR ROV
Courtesy: Seatronics

The ROVs will come equipped with Nortek DVL’s, Teledyne Bowtech cameras and lights and will also boast having Greensea Systems software onboard.

The Westhill-based firm said the client selected the vehicle due to its power and connectivity capabilities, which will allow execution in environmental conditions not typically associated with a vehicle this size,” the company said.

Seatronics also recently secured VALOR order from Smartsea Tech in China. This is the second order from the Chinese company with more opportunities in the pipeline.

Tony Yao from Smartsea said: “Smartsea Tech have been promoting VALOR’s capabilities in the China market. The vehicle is the ideal solution for use on offshore wind farms, nuclear power stations, aquaculture and underwater archaeology.”

Furthermore, Seatronics recently became a distributor for Impact Subsea for the Middle East and for GeoAcoustics for the Middle East and APAC regions.

GeoAcoustics have been manufacturing sonar equipment for sidescan, bathymetry and sub-bottom profiling applications. The business has returned to independence having been part of Kongsberg since 2008 and is now looking to expand its reach leveraging Seatronics network of clients.

Akram Ali, regional manager – Middle East, Seatronics stated: “GeoAcoustics has a reputation for high quality manufacture and we look forward to bringing their suite of products to our clients.”