New partnership to offer ATR-based solutions for blue hydrogen market

Technip Energies, an engineering and technology company, and Casale, a provider of technologies and integrated engineering solutions to produce fertilisers and other base chemicals, have entered a partnership to jointly license oxidative reforming-based technologies – auto thermal reforming (ATR) and partial oxidation (POx) technologies for the blue hydrogen market.

Courtesy of Technip Energies and Business Wire

As part of the collaboration, Technip Energies and Casale will be co-licensors of the technology and will offer a process design package (PDP), proprietary equipment, and entire plants.

According to Technip, its two centres of excellence for hydrogen, Claremont CA, US, and Zoetermeer, NL, will jointly execute with Casale PDP for ATR-based blue hydrogen projects.

Technip said that, in order to decarbonise hydrogen facilities, the ATR-based solution could achieve up to 99% of carbon capture rate. To note, ATR is a process to produce syngas that contains hydrogen, CO, and CO2. It becomes cost-effective for low-carbon hydrogen when combined with carbon capture technology and suitable for larger-scale facilities.

Loic Chapuis, SVP Gas & Low Carbon Energies of Technip Energies, commented: “We are excited to announce this partnership with Casale, which will allow us to offer cutting-edge ATR-based solutions for the blue hydrogen market… ATR-based solutions will be complementary to Technip Energies’ proprietary SMR-based solutions, allowing us to offer a complete range of solutions in the low-carbon hydrogen market. We look forward to working with Casale to drive innovation and decarbonise hydrogen production at scale.”

Federico Zardi, CEO of Casale SA, said: “This partnership can provide the market with advanced solutions for the decarbonisation of the world, leveraging our long history of developing and applying advanced ATR and POx technologies with several ATR-based mega production units already delivered, in combination with Technip Energies’ technological expertise in the hydrogen field.”

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