New alliance looking to boost hydrogen, ammonia and biofuel production

Empati, a company that specializes in data-centric renewable energy technologies and applied artificial intelligence, and TNE, a provider of energy solutions, have signed a strategic memorandum of understanding (MoU) to accelerate the production of green energy, including green hydrogen, ammonia and biofuel.

Empati said the partnership will address “critical” challenges in high-carbon emitting sectors, noting that “the opportunity is large” as in 2022 alone, the transportation sector, including shipping, logistics and aviation, contributed around 20.2% of the world’s total CO2 emissions, making it the second-largest source of carbon emissions globally.

Under the partnership, TNE’s biorefinery projects will combine with Empati’s technology to enable precise measurement of carbon produced and removed across upstream and downstream flows. According to Empati, this integration is “pivotal” for creating biofuels and fertilizers to comply with global and European Union (EU) regulations.

Stewart Dodd, Co-CEO of Empati, commented: “This partnership is significant in our mission to enable the transition to cleaner energy. In collaboration with TNE, our technology sets new standards for verifying and optimising green energy production.”

Ricardo Eiras, COO at TNE, stated: “Integrating Empati’s technology within TNE’s projects allows us to meet the rigorous demands of carbon verification required by our partners and regulators. The technology’s real-time nature drives valuable insights through the production process both downstream and upstream, delivering defined metrics across energy production consumption and carbon content of final products.”