Photo: TDI-Brooks

New research vessel joins TDI-Brooks fleet

Offshore survey player TDI-Brooks has recently expanded its fleet of offshore research vessels with the R/V Miss Emma McCall.

The Miss Emma is a multi-use oceanographic research vessel ready for a wide variety of oceanographic research duties.

Specifically it operates in the Northern/Southern Gulf of Mexico, US East Coast and elsewhere in the Americas.

The Miss Emma can acquire geophysical surveys for offshore hazard/site clearance assessments, pipeline/cable routing, seafloor mapping, port and channel conditions, fisheries habitat mapping and burial assessment studies.

It can also perform geotechnical sediment and seabed coring/CPT for wind farm and LNG port facilities, pre/post excavation dredging.

The Miss Emma McCall encompasses satellite communications, differential GPS, geophysical survey gear and two A-frames with high-speed winches.

The vessel recently mobilized to Mexico to complete two EPOS projects in Mexico for Total and Capricorn Energy Mexico (CAIRN).

The Total EPOS program was in deep-water offshore northern Mexico, while the CAIRN project was a shallow water project in the Gulf of Campeche.

These were also the first EPOS programs completed in Mexico in COVID work environment.

The Emma McCall mobilised from Texas on a 25-day cruise with short, restricted port calls in Tampico.

In the past 3 years, TDI-Brooks has acquired nineteen EBS or EPOS programs in Mexico for eight major O&G firms.