New strategic advisor joins Kraken

Kraken Robotics has added Sam Allen as a strategic advisor.

Sam will help the company refine its strategy for the international offshore energy market with a focus on landing additional pilot projects and converting pilot projects to longer-term recurring revenue contracts.

Allen is the former president of Technip Canada from inception in 1997 to 2012. Following Canada, Sam moved to Perth, Australia where he headed up Technip Oceania.

Following his Perth assignment, he assumed the role of project director for a very large integrated subsea to onshore facility project in Indonesia. Sam delivered a successful project before retiring from Technip in 2018.

“Kraken has developed industry leading underwater data acquisition and analytic tools that can provide ultra-high definition images of subsea assets and infrastructure,” said Karl Kenny, Kraken president & CEO.

“Our challenge now is to apply Artificial Intelligence to analyze the data and to monitor the change in subsea assets over time to be able to predict the state of these assets into the future (i.e. predictive analytics). We continue to refine our tools and processes through lessons learned on our OceanVision pilot project as well as numerous other pilot projects we have completed for a variety of customers (military, offshore energy, ocean science, etc.). We look forward to leveraging Sam’s experience and relationships to generate significant growth for our robotic services and data business.” 

Sam Allen said: “With more than 30 years of experience in the offshore energy industry, I have first-hand experience in the power of underwater robotics which to date has mainly consisted of using remotely operated vehicles for inspection and manipulation of subsea assets.”

“I expect the utilization of autonomous systems and robotics in the offshore energy market to grow significantly over the coming years as companies invest in new projects and extending the life cycle of legacy assets through the use of high-quality data acquisition sensors, machine learning  and predictive analytics. With a strong portfolio of ultra-high definition imaging data acquisition and analytic tools, Kraken has the potential to build a significant recurring revenue business.”