New Survey Package from Eye4Software

Eye4Software B.V., specialized in developing GPS and GIS software for Windows, has released the latest version of its professional hydrographic survey package, the Hydromagic version 7.0.

The main purpose of this software is to map the bottom of rivers, reservoirs, frac pits, ponds and oceans in 3D. This is done by using a connected RTK receiver together with a hydrographic echosounder.

Once all raw position, motion and single beam (dual frequency) echosounder data are collected during the survey, this data is corrected and synchronized, and finally a sounding file is generated.

Using various post processing options, the sounding data can be used to generate bathymetric maps, depth contours, XYZ data to export to other processing software, (dredging) volume reports and more.

The company’s software is known to be user friendly, easy to learn and low cost compared to other hydrographic survey software packages. The software is in use by dredging, mining and survey companies around the world.

New in version 7.0 is that it has far more features for dredging companies. It is for instance now possible to buy an add-on module to monitor the dredging operations on dredging vessels. Also the volume reporting tools has been improved significantly.

For mining customers, Eye4Software has added functionality to calculate staging volumes for frac pits. This option calculates the volume of water below multiple levels or stages.

The single beam processing unit has been equipped with a lot of new features, including automatic data cleansing using mean and median filters, and the software can now correct sounding data for heave, roll and pitch motions when an IMU unit is used.

Prior to this version, the software was only available as a 32 bit version. Since most computers these days are installed with a 64 bit operating system, Eye4Software now offers a 64 bit version of the software as well, allowing the software to take full advantage of the system memory.

The geodesy support has been expanded with new coordinate reference systems and geoids, including the whole new NAD83(2011) definition grids, global geoids like EGM84 and EGM96 and geoid models for Argentina, Bolivia, Greece, Italy, Morocco, Norway and Poland.

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