New wells in Campos basin boost Petrobras May output

Brazil’s state-controlled oil company Petrobras announces that its May oil production in Brazil averaged 1,975 thousand barrels/day (bpd), up 2.2% from April’s production of 1,933 thousand bpd.

New wells in Campos basin boost Petrobras output

Including the production operated by Petrobras for its partners in Brazil, the volume reached 2,092 thousand bpd, up 2.9% from last month’s production of 2,034 thousand bpd.

The company’s oil and natural gas production in Brazil in the same month was 2,387 thousand barrels of oil equivalent per day (boed), indicating a 2.2% rise from April (2,335 thousand boed). Including the production operated by Petrobras for its partner companies in Brazil, the volume reached 2,558 thousand boed, up 2.9% from April’s production of 2,487 thousand boed.

The start-up of new wells on platforms P-58 (Parque das Baleias), P-63 (Papa-Terra), P-55 (Roncador) as well as the start-up of platform P-62 (Roncador), all of which in Campos Basin, contributed to the rise in production. Overall 22 wells, 14 of them oil and gas production and eight water injection ones, will be interconnected to platform P-62 within the next few months.

This FPSO (floating production storage and offloading) unit has the capacity to process up to 180 thousand barrels of oil and 6 million cubic meters of natural gas per day.

Natural gas production

In May, natural gas production was 65.4 million cubic meters per day surpassing the previous month’s production of 64 million m³/d by 2.2%. The total production operated by Petrobras, including the share operated for its partners, was 73,960 thousand m³/d, up 2.9% from April.

Production abroad in May equivalent to 8.4% of Petrobras total

In May, production averaged 218.4 thousand boed, representing 8.4% of the company’s production, which totaled 2,605 thousand boed in the same period.

In May, total oil and natural gas extraction abroad fell 3.1% to 218.4 thousand boed from the previous month’s production of 225.4 thousand boed. This was largely due to the completion of the transfer of onshore assets in Colombia, divestment announced in 2013, which led May oil production of 121 thousand bpd to be down 6.1% from the previous month’s production of 128.9 thousand bpd.

Natural gas production abroad was 16,547 thousand m³/d, up 0.9% from April’s production of 16,395 thousand m³/d, due to higher sales of Bolivian gas to the Brazilian market.


July 02, 2014