Nexstep Hackathon: Challenges in decommissioning

Decommissioning is not an easy business, and on top of that, it is a very expensive one. So how can the challenges in decommissioning be tackled?

Nexstep, together with IRO (the Dutch branch organization for the service industry) and the Oil and Gas Authority UK (OGA) organize a hackathon on collaboration and lowering decommissioning costs of oil and gas infrastructure in the Southern North Sea basin during Offshore Energy 2018.

This hackathon will feature presentations from operators NAM, Spirit Energy and Neptune on their current challenges in decommissioning in the Southern North Sea. The hackathon is organized to provide an opportunity for the supply chain to get guidance and direction as to what areas of innovation their potential clients are looking for.

Jacqueline Vaessen, General Manager of Nexstep comments: “Collaboration is not only necessary between operators, but also between operators and suppliers. Our goal is to start a dialogue between these parties and to create innovative ideas to face the challenges in decommissioning.”

Based on experiences of a hackathon in Norwich early October, Vaessen feels it is imperative to invite parties from outside the industry, as she comments:”Often the most innovative ideas come from those not engrossed in daily decommissioning conundrums.”

Although no earth-shattering innovations were created during the hackathon in Norwich, Vaessen considered it a good event as it is more about establishing the dialogue. Various issues were discussed, such as how tenders should be constructed to allow for the development of more technical innovations. Early engagement in decommissioning projects is a key factor for the service industry.

Vaessen said: “We now see that when tenders hit the contract phase there is often no more room to bring forward innovative ideas. Which is a pity as earlier engagement of the service industry could engage cost-reducing solutions.”

The key challenges will be shared prior to the event and we are looking forward to hearing creative solutions to face the challenges we see in decommissioning.

The Hackathon is an invitation-only event. Jacqueline Vaessen will also be speaking during the thematic session Decommissioning and re-use. And she will give a live update on the hackathon session on Community Square. All events are taking place on 24 October 2018.

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