Next-gen German wave device passes Danish sea tryouts

German company NEMOS has concluded the first scale model tests of its new generation wave energy converter under realistic environmental conditions.

NEMOS floater assembly (Photo: NEMOS)

NEMOS tested the 1:3 scale device at Nissum Bredning nearshore test site in Denmark this August, after completing initial tank tests at DST Duisburg research institute.

The trialed next generation device features advanced solutions, especially for the integration of the power take-off (PTO) components, according to NEMOS.

Several approaches were developed and tested, NEMOS said, ultimately demonstrating that the new concept works without the tower infrastructure that was required for the previous design.

“The test crew reported that the setup functioned as planned in a plug-and-play manner. Without incidents, the required tests were performed with high efficiency within a few days,” NEMOS said.

Based on the knowledge gained out of the test campaigns in the tank in Duisburg as well as the nearshore tests in Denmark, the concept is now finalized for deployment in larger scale in the Belgian coastal city of Ostend, on the North Sea.