Photo: Courtesy of Nikkiso ACD

Nikkiso sells Turboexpander business to Air Liquide

Nikkiso, through Nikkiso Cryogenic Industries’ Clean Energy and Industrial Gases Group, has agreed to sell its Turboexpander Business Line to Air Liquide.

Nikkiso sells Turboexpander business to Air Liquide
Courtesy of Nikkiso ACD

Located mainly in Santa Ana, California, the Turboexpander Business Line designs, manufactures and sells Turboexpanders within the industrial gas industry as well as the natural gas liquefaction industry.

Air Liquide has been the largest customer of the Nikkiso Group’s Turboexpander Business Line.

Nikkiso’s Cryogenic Service (NCS) unit will remain an authorized service company and will continue to provide Aftermarket Services, including repair and servicing of ACD designed and built Turboexpander machines while Air Liquide will provide service activities to its plants and its third party plants customers.

This arrangement will guarantee all ACD service clients will continue to receive strong support going forward, Nikkiso said.

The acquisition has come into effect on January 1, 2021.