Njord Offshore Expands Its Fleet with Damen Crew Transfer Vessel

Njord Offshore is about to add a 26m Damen 2610 Twin Axe Crew Transfer Vessel, the Njord Alpha to the fleet.

Njord Offshore Expands Its Fleet with Damen Transfer Vessel

Njord Offshore has worked with Damen to create an optimised vessel to suit its needs, making minor changes to the standard design to improve comfort, efficiency and safety.

The vessel is designed and classed to BV Classification I X Hull MACH Light Ships/Fast Utility Vessel standards. The Damen Fast Crew Supplier 2610 has become a well known vessel design in the offshore wind farm industry due to its proven competency and reliability during operations.

It brings to the Njord Offshore fleet additional load lugging capability and excellent ride comfort for the further offshore windfarms.

Also, the company has just signed on behalf of Gimle Shipping Ltd, two 26m controllable pitch propeller crew transfer vessels with an option for a further six vessels.

The CPPs have been designed for the ultimate in efficiency, speed, comfort, redundancy, endurance and increased transfer capability. These vessels have been designed with naval architect’s BMT Nigel Gee and will be classed to DNV’s Windfarm Service 1 notation.

The vessels will be built by Strategic Marine who were chosen for their extensive experience and high build quality of aluminium vessels.


Njord Offshore, February 24, 2014

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