Photo: Courtesy: NKT

NKT delivers Triton Knoll wires

NKT has finalised the manufacturing and delivery of the export cables and array cables for the 857 MW Triton Knoll offshore wind farm located in the North Sea east of Lincolnshire in the UK.

The project comprises the manufacture of 100 kilometres of 220 kV HVAC offshore export cables and 144 kilometres of 66 kV array cables as well as installation.

“Offshore wind is a cornerstone in mitigating climate change and we are proud to continue our long-term collaboration with RWE and its partners J-Power and Kansai Electronic Power to drive the green transition of the UK.

“The successful collaboration has been essential to our supply of both export- and array cables for Triton Knoll during the challenging times of COVID-19. With the finalisation of the project, we continue to set our mark on the ongoing development of offshore wind as a leading power cable provider,” says Alexander Kara, president & CEO in NKT.

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When in full operation the 90 turbines installed will be able to provide renewable energy for more than 800,000 households annually supporting the decarbonization of the UK energy supply.

The cables for the Triton Knoll offshore windfarm were manufactured at NKT’s high-voltage power cable factory in Cologne, which is running on 100 per cent green electricity ensuring a low carbon footprint of the power cable system transmitting renewable energy to shore.

NKT has previously worked on UK offshore wind projects such as Hornsea 1, Race Bank and the Walney Extension. Currently, the company is involved in ongoing offshore wind projects such as Hornsea 2, Moray East and Dogger Bank. NKT completed the Triton Knoll power cable project in a consortium with Boskalis Subsea Cables and Flexibles (previously VBMS).

First power at Triton Knoll

The Triton Knoll offshore wind farm has recently generated renewable electricity for the first time. First generation follows the installation of the first of the project’s 90 wind turbines in January 2021 and the successful energisation of the project’s transmission system including the offshore substation platforms, offshore export cable, onshore cables and onshore substation.