No New Oil Leaks Offshore Brazil, Says Chevron

No New Oil Leaks Offshore Brazil, Says Chevron

Chevron Corporation  has issued an estimate of total oil volume from ocean floor seep lines near its Frade Field, offshore Brazil

Chevron said it believed that approximately 2,400 barrels of oil have been emitted to date since seeps were first detected on November 9. The company noted that this estimate is within the  range of 1,600 to 2,640 barrels provided by Brazil’s National Petroleum Agency (ANP).

Regarding the company’s emergency response initiatives, Chevron asserted that its personnel were trained and prepared to address a potential incident of this type and responded immediately from the moment of first notification. The company again noted that its combined efforts greatly diminished the size of the sheen and stopped the source of the seep flow within “only four days of first detection”.

The surface sheen continues to dissipate and its volume is now less than 18 barrels of oil. Chevron said it believed no new oil was leaking from the reservoir.

“Chevron will evaluate and respond appropriately to any and all assessment notices from Brazilian government authorities. Chevron respects and complies with the laws of the countries in which it operates.” said the company on its website.

Offshore Energy Today Staff , November 23, 2011; Image: ANP