Nordsee One Turbines Halfway There

The rotor for the 27th wind turbine was installed last week at the Nordsee One construction site, marking the halfway point for turbine installation at the 332 MW wind farm.

“In a football match we would now have reached halftime. However, at the Nordsee One wind farm, our work continues uninterrupted,” said Tim Kittelhake, Managing Director (COO) of Nordsee One GmbH.

“We are already in full swing, working on the second half of the project. Turbine installation will continue in parallel with the progressive commissioning of the wind turbines.” 

MPI Offshore’s wind turbine installation vessel MPI Enterprise installed the first Senvion 6.2M126 wind turbine at the ste located some 40km north off the island of Juist in early March.

The project team expects the installation and commissioning of all 54 wind turbines to be completed by the end of 2017.

Pierre Lestienne, Managing Director (CFO) of Nordsee One GmbH, said: “To date we have successfully installed more than 27 turbines on schedule and on budget. The installed turbines are generating power and are already feeding green electricity into the grid. We are pleased with our progress so far, however we remain focused on reaching the finish line.”

Nordsee One is owned by Northland Power Inc. (85%) and innogy SE (15%).