Normandie 1 Interconnector Set to Land in Jersey

The operation to offload the Normandie 1 (N1) power cable at Archirondel, Jersey is scheduled to take place today (Monday) between 3pm and 5pm with the incoming tide.

The installation of a third 100MW cable between France and the largest of the Channel Islands began last Wednesday, August 10.

The 40,000-tonne cable laying vessel Stemat Spirit has been off the east coast for over 24 hours as it almost completed the 27km journey from Surville, Normandy, to Archirondel where N1 will connect to Jersey Electricity’s primary substation.

The vessel anchored 1.5km off the shore when a specialist cable-jointer, from Italian manufacturers Prysmian, boarded the vessel and cut and seal the cable in readiness for its offload by the Dutch installation contractors VBMS.

The Stemat is making its final approach into St Catherine’s’ Bay. Once the offload has been completed, the vessel will move out to deeper water where it will make ready for departure early on Tuesday morning.

Next stop is Rotterdam to offload around 3km of spare cable which Jersey Electricity keeps in stores with VBMS in case of future repair.

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