Norway: Wilhelmsen Ships Service Keeps List Prices for Majority of Products

 Wilhelmsen Ships Service Keeps List Prices for Majority of Products

Wilhelmsen Ships Service has announced that it will hold current list prices for the remainder of 2012 on the majority of its product portfolio.

This comes as a direct response to the challenging market conditions and the company’s intention to share reduced operating costs and cost savings with its’ global customer base whenever possible. Thomas Smordalen, Vice President International Sales said:

“The price hold ensures that our customers avoid increases at a time that is proving to be a difficult one for the whole industry. We are continuously developing our processes in order to improve our operational efficiency. In addition, we are negotiating with our suppliers to maintain value for money, whilst doing all we can as a business to keep prices predictable and competitive. 

“Together with ongoing investment in customer service and the expansion of our global network, the price hold demonstrates that we continue to be a strong business partner now and for the future”.

As the world’s largest maritime network, this move will benefit more than 25,000 vessels and is applicable across the entire range of Unitor and Nalfleet branded products including; safety equipment, welding equipment, gases, cleaning materials, marine chemicals etc., as well as safety and ships agency contractual services.

WSS’s Unicool refrigerants will for time being maintain their pricing, however due to the volatility of this range, WSS will continue to monitor development of this market closely.


Source: Wilhelmsen Ships Service, June 6, 2012