Norway: World’s First LNG Powered Cargo Ship Launched

World's First LNG Powered Cargo Ship Launched

The ship was called “a world sensation” when it entered into service recently. Why? It is the world’s first natural gas-powered cargo ship!

The ship naming ceremony of MS “Høydal” took place at the BioMar quay at in Vesterålen in Nordland county, Northern Norway.

“You have today received a worldwide sensation to your village,” said the godmother Erna Solberg, who is leader of the conservative party in Norway. “MS “Høydal” manifests the desire to do something new and to be in front. Local capital and local forces behind have dared to take new steps.”

Reduces emissions dramatically

MS “Høydal” runs on liquefied natural gas, known as LNG, reducing emissions of greenhouse gases such as nitrogen oxides and CO2 significantly. The freighter will carry commercial fish feedstock from the BioMar factory at Myre in Vesterålen to fish farms along the Norwegian coast.

MS “Høydal” has already been operating along the coast for a month. The newbuilding cost was about NOK 200 million.

About the ship

The ship is owned by the company NSK Shipping AS, who is a key transport partner of BioMar. BioMar started a cooperation with ship designer NSK Design Ltd three years ago. The goal was to develop a new and environmentally friendly ship design for transportation of fish feedstock. Apparently they have succeeded.

The approximately 70 meters long and 16 meters wide ship was built by the Turkish shipyard Tersan in Istanbul. It is classified by the Norwegian Veritas, DNV.

MS “Høydal has a capacity of 2,000 tonnes of bulk cargo. On board there is a crane with 50 ton lifting capacity.

The LNG fuel tank is approximately 90 cubic meters – sufficient for one week’s operation. Rolls Royce has provided LNG engines and the ship propulsion system. The ship’s speed is 14 knots.

The new ship represents 90 percent reduction in NOx emissions and 25 percent reduction in CO2 compared to conventional diesel.

“The Norwegian coast is vulnerable. Natural gas powered cargo ships reduce emissions of greenhouse gases significantly and show the way forward for both transport and aquaculture. In addition it eliminates the risk of contamination from heavy fuel oil by accident. The whole concept of larger vessels, better maneuverability and gas fuel is an important contribution from BioMar to the develop aquaculture in the right direction with a prime focus on sustainability,” says sales director Per Kristian Nordoy, BioMar.

LNG World News Staff, August 30, 2012; Image: NSK Shipping AS