Nova Scotia opens application process for tidal permits

Illustration (Photo: NS Department of Energy)

The government of Nova Scotia has launched a call for applications for tidal energy demonstration permits for projects up to five megawatts in size.

The permits also give companies the ability to sell the electricity they generate, and according to Nova Scotia government, no more than 10MW of total power will be authorized.

All operators are required to have applicable permits and approvals, including an environmental assessment approval for tidal projects that could generate 2MW or more.

Geoff MacLellan, Nova Scotia Energy Minister, said: “As part of our ocean sector, tidal energy has enormous potential to create more opportunities in rural areas, while addressing our climate change goals. These permits will help us stay at the forefront of this rapidly changing industry by finding ways to address technical challenges while lowering the cost of tidal energy.”

The permits fall under the Marine Renewable-energy Act proclaimed by the Nova Scotia government on January 24, 2018, which also approved administrative regulations for the industry.