Novacavi reinforced cable for underwater tunnelling project

Novacavi cable solutions for underwater tunnelling

Italian cabling specialist Novacavi recently delivered custom-built cables for harsh environments providing special supply and power communication for the construction of a new underwater tunnel.

Courtesy: Novacavi

The caompany needed to engineer and expertly produce the cables considering they have to perform as a link between surface vessel and sub-tube junction unit at 100 metres depth.

Often retracted and released by the winch on the deck of a tugboat, these high performant cables dive into the water and occasionally touch the ground during the construction process.

On basis of these operational requirements, Novacavi conceived and supplied a longitudinal water tightness cable solution with overall braided stainless-steel wire reinforcement for longitudinal cutting prevention and an external close wave polyethylene monofilament over braid for additional protection to rely on throughout the underwater tunnel project.

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To remind, Novacavi also recently developed and manufactured a prototype of a custom-engineered cable solution for an innovative floating solar electricity system for marine environment installed in Oslo fjord, Norway.

Being challenged by its specific permanent application on top of floating fully supported solar panels above water level, Novacavi managed to engineer a water-blocked composite power and signal cable with polyurethane outer sheath.

According to the company, this has ensured maximum performance without losing elasticity in constant cold climates, water splashing or submersion and also sun exposure.

Specifically, the project was for the Norwegian company Sunlit Sea which provides floating solar solution for the marine environment.

Sunlit Sea installed its first floating solar plant prototype in Oslo fjord, Norway in March this year.

The company is in final negotiations regarding full scale installation of 1MW at Lierstranda, Norway in Q2 2021.

Sunlit Sea also recently established a new branch in Pakistan. In addition, it plans to launch a production facility construction in Karachi, Pakistan in Q4 2022.