NYK Line Test Results Show that Solar Powered Ships Do Not Deliver Electricity (Japan)


HOPES for solar-powered ships have fallen after Nippon Yusen Kabushiki Kaisha (NYK Line) test results showed that stable electricity supply cannot come from the photovoltaic panels because even slight weather changes produce major cuts in power generation, said a company statement.

The Japanese shipping giant made the statement while announcing fresh attempts to develop alternative eco-friendly hybrid power aboard its Auriga Leader, the solar panelled ro-ro ship that set out on its environmental quest in 2008.

It was also found that attempting to make the solar power system bigger to gain more output and to increase its dependency could result in problems with regard to stable operations due to fluctuations in the power supply.”

But NYK has not lost hope and together with Kawasaki Heavy Industries, the Monohakobi Technology Institute’s and Nippon Kaiji Kyokai’s new tests will begin to verify the effects of a jointly developed hybrid power supply system for vessels.

The system will be installed on the same 60,213-ton Auriga Leader, which will also be fitted with a ballast water management system and use low sulphur fuel to help develop eco shipping.



Source: shippingonline , May 31, 2011; Image: nafsgreen