Ocean Flow Energy ends Sanda Sound tidal testing program

Ocean Flow Energy has decided to cease its tidal testing program at Sanda Sound tidal site due to lack of research funding.

The reason behind the decision lies in difficulties to secure the research funding to continue the testing at Sanda Sound, according to Graeme Mackie, Ocean Flow Energy’s Managing Director.

Ocean Flow Energy has received the approval for its decommissioning program at Sanda Sound site from the Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS).

The move follows the removal of the E35 turbine in 2015, and the liquidation of its Scottish project company Oceanflow Development in December 2016.

Mackie said: “It is very disappointing that the trials at Sanda Sound cannot continue. Sanda Sound has great potential for testing tidal stream turbines and Campbeltown is an excellent base for such activities.

“However the lack of guaranteed subsidized support for the industry from the UK government has made raising the necessary research funding to continue testing at Sanda Sound very difficult and the company has no other option than to decommission the site and focus further research activities outwith the UK.”

The Evopod E35 unit, equipped with a 35kW generator driven by a 4.5 meter diameter turbine, was deployed in off South Kintyre, UK, from August, 2014.