Ocean Power Technologies gets $1.6 million USV order

Ocean Power Technologies gets $1.6 million USV order

Ocean Power Technologies (OPT) has received an order from Sulmara for multiple uncrewed surface vehicles (USVs), representing the largest single order of WAM-Vs to date.

Source: Ocean Power Technologies

The order is valued at $1.6 million. Due to demand, production is already underway and will allow for revenue recognition this fiscal year.

According to OPT, the WAM-V 16 is designed to adapt to various marine environments and applications and will bolster Sulmara’s capabilities in various subsea applications, including hydrographic survey, remote inspections, UXO detections, and environmental monitoring, across many markets, including offshore wind development.

“Our investment in a fleet of bespoke WAM-V USVs is marking another pivotal step in our ongoing mission to decarbonize the offshore industry,” said Sulmara’s COO, Carlo Pinto.

“The collaboration with OPT is proof of their unwavering support and alignment with our environmental and forward-thinking goals. Together, we aim to pave a greener path forward for the offshore sector.”

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To remind, OPT and Sulmara Subsea partnered up in the summer last year to develop advanced uses for OPT’s WAM-V vehicles. The companies executed a long-term master service agreement to facilitate Sulmara’s leasing of WAM-Vs.

OPT recently reported that it had demonstrated the ability of WAM-V to attach itself remotely to a wave-powered buoy and establish a connection that will enable charging.