Oceanside Harbor Dredging Operations Move Ahead

Navigational dredging within the Oceanside Harbor continues with the 30,750 cubic yards of material removed from the harbor’s entrance channels this week.

The contractor, CJW Construction of San Diego (CA) has so far dredged about 68,800 cubic yards of sand out of the 260,000 designated for removal.

Material dredged from the entrance channels is currently being placed along Oceanside’s beach at a location about 500 feet north of the Surfrider turnaround.

According to the contractor, this activity will continue until July 27, at which point CJW will extend the pipe south an additional 1,000 feet to place material near the pier and lifeguard headquarters.

The Oceanside Harbor navigational dredging project is an annual project conducted to maintain the federal channels within Oceanside Harbor at their authorized federal depth of -25 feet. Oceanside Harbor is one of four annual dredging projects conducted by the USACE’s Los Angeles District.

Placement of beach quality material along the shoreline is a beneficial byproduct of the navigational dredging project.

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