OceanWorks in CSnet Nod Pod Overhaul

Vancouver-based subsea solution engineering company, OceanWorks informed that a second Node Pod from CSnet has arrived to be refurbished and upgraded to the latest standard.

The delivery of this Node Pod follows the upgrade and refurbishment of the first Node Pod which is scheduled to be delivered to CSnet in July 2015.

“This showcases OceanWorks continued support of the ongoing operation and maintenance of CSnet International’s Offshore Communications Backbone (OCB) system,” the company said in a press release.

OceanWorks delivered CSnet’s OCB subsea infrastructure, including five seafloor nodes which form the existing seafloor observatory portion of the system.

The ongoing upgrade and serviceability of the Seafloor Network Infrastructure displays the ease of upgradability designed into the system and the ability to support the required 25 year lifespan of the cabled observatory.