OceanWorks Revamps Another Node Pod for CSnet

OceanWorks, a subsea solution engineering company, has delivered another fully refurbished and upgraded Node Pod to CSnet.

The Node Pod is a part of CSnet’s Offshore Communication Backbone (OCB) ocean observatory, and represents the 2nd unit refurbished by OceanWorks as part of CSnet’s planned maintenance cycle.

“The successful completion of this work is a testament to the communication and cooperation of OceanWorks and CSnet personnel and clearly showcases OceanWorks continued support of the ongoing operation and maintenance of CSnet’s OCB,” the company said in a press release.

CSnet’s OCB subsea infrastructure in the Eastern Mediterranean provides science, government and industry with real time data from sensor installations covering several hundred kilometers. The structure includes five seafloor nodes, deployed at water depths ranging from 1560 to 2280 meters, and originally designed by OceanWorks International in 2010.