Offshore Energy Conference: Developments in Wave and Tidal Energy

There is a lot to tell about marine renewable energy. The industry is developing fast, promising initiatives are being undertaken and there is a great need for renewable energy. Delegates of Offshore Energy have the opportunity to be informed in half a day about recent technical inventions, field experiences of a number of partnerships as well as the European policy context for marine energy. 

The Ocean Energy Sector has been a political pet, as it appears to be the last, yet untapped form of renewable energy. Numbers are promising as wave and tidal energy have the potential to supply up to 80% of the electricity needs of the European Union. However, the industry is still in its infancy and initiatives are not yet ready to be rolled out on a large scale. However, it looks promising.

Floating tidal test project

For example Allard van Hoeken from Bluewater Energy Services will present results from a floating tidal test project near one of the northern islands in Holland; Texel.  Several offshore companies and research institutes have joined up to design, construct, install and operate the first real scale floating platform that holds a tidal turbine in Dutch waters. Results and learnings form this project will be shared.

Development of a floating, hybrid wind- and wave-energy device

Another initiative that is about to get commercialized after thorough testing will be presented by Sarah Bellew of H2Ocean. A unique floating, hybrid wind- and wave-energy device has been developed and is in its final design stage. Results from over 2 years of extensive testing with a 37 meter wide test platform can be expected.

Sharing ideas combined for practical and cost effective solutions

Another factor in this playing field is cost. Development of initiatives as mentioned before are capital intensive whereas the industry is challenged to deliver affordable in-stream tidal energy to the market. Existing technologies from experienced companies in the marine and infrastructure sector are combined to practical and cost effective solutions. Flexible designs allow for good adaptability to any given demand. This will allow a sustainable development of the tidal industry. Martin Baldus, Product Manager Renewable Energy, Schottel Tidal Generators will talk about how 2nd generation tidal energy devices will change the game.

This session about ‘Developments in wave and tidal energy’ takes half a day and includes a networking lunch. The session is organized in cooperation with the Dutch Energy from Water Association EWA.

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Press release; Image: Atlantis Resources (Illustration)