Oil major hires ‘Lewek Chancellor’ for work in Africa

Singapore’s EOC Limited, one of Asia’s leading providers of offshore oil and gas development and production solutions, has secured an award worth in excess of US$40 million including options for the Lewek Chancellor.

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Under this award with an oil major, the accommodation and construction barge will provide full support in accommodation and maintenance services for a project in Africa for a period of two years, with an option to extend for an additional one year.

The Group has recently announced an award close to US$100 million including options for the Lewek Conqueror with an oil major for a project in South East Asia for a period of five years.

EOC’s Chief Financial Officer, Jason Goh, said: “We are pleased that both our accommodation barges, the Lewek Conqueror and the Lewek Chancellor, have secured multi-year awards and we continue to explore other opportunities that may arise in this segment.”


May 06, 2014