Oil majors bid to explore for oil and gas offshore Greece

Several oil majors have submitted their bids for the exploration and exploitation of hydrocarbons offshore Greece. 

Greece launched the offshore Ionian and Crete tenders in August 2017 following the expression of interest by the consortium Total-ExxonMobil-Helpe for Southwest and West of Crete and by Energean Oil and Gas for the Ionian Sea.

According to a statement on Tuesday by Hellenic Petroleum (HELPE), a consortium of Total, ExxonMobil and Hellenic has submitted a bid to the Hellenic Hydrocarbon Resources Management (HHRM) for the lease of two block areas, Offshore West Crete and Southwest Crete.

The partnership would be operated by Total with a 40% interest with Exxon and HELPE holding 40% and 20% interest, respectively.

Furthermore, Repsol and Hellenic Petroleum have submitted their offer to HHRM for the exploration and exploitation of hydrocarbons Offshore Western Greece (Ionian Block) where Repsol would be the operator with a 50% interest and Hellenic Petroleum would hold the other 50% interest.

In his statement, CEO of HELPE, G. Stergioulis, pointed out: “Continuing our successful participation in international tenders in W. Greece, and taking into consideration the recent, positive research conducted in the Patraikos area, we submitted three new offers for the offshore blocks in the Ionian Sea and in the Southwest of Crete, thus manifesting Helpe Group’s international prestige.

“We collaborate with top international companies in our sector, who can provide the human capital, the ideas, the advanced technology and the financial capability required, so as to successfully face, along with Helpe Group, this unprecedented –for Greek standards- challenge.”

Offshore Energy Today Staff